Jesse Fleece, Director

Jesse Fleece is an award-winning director with diverse abilities as a storyteller. In his decade of experience in the film & TV industry, Jesse has succeeded in a wide variety of genres: commercials, feature films, documentary, music videos, fashion, comedy, web series, and more. Jesse received his film training at Emerson College in Boston and L.A., supplemented by advanced film study abroad in Paris and Prague.  Since then he’s handled shoots in China, Japan, Iceland, Hawaii, and all across the continental U.S. for big-name clients from Apple to Nike, Ford to Target, Google to MTV. His foundational industry experience included work alongside directors as the on-set editor, which helped to tune his sixth sense for coverage and timing.  Now, as a director, Jesse brings unique skills to the set as a consummate team player, combining a keen eye for detail with a firm grasp of the big picture and a critical awareness of the ticking clock. Fun fact: Jesse starred in a KFC commercial as a bungee jumping fried chicken lover, which you can watch here