Kansas City Preservationists

The Wade Brothers shot these enigmatic portraits of residents from their home town, Kansas City, as part of a new project on the Kansas City renaissance.

“They are all Kansas City preservationists – this is a personal project highlighting supporters, advocates and entrepreneurs that are truly enhancing the landscape of Kansas City, bringing back some of it’s rich history. Kansas City in the past century was a hub in the States for music (specifically Jazz), art and film (Walt Disney started his first film and company in KC). KC also has a rich history with mobsters and liquor trafficking during prohibition. This was because national law was not enforced here. We were a stopping point from NY to Atlantic City in the early 1900s for liquor trafficking, livestock trade and gangs. During that time “KC was coined the most rebellious spot in the United States."

Photographer: The Wade Brothers
Client: Kansas City Preservationists