Stephen Proski




19.01.07 RP EVENT ARTSKC Stephen Proski

Stephen Proski, Painter & Illustrator


Stephen Proski is as gifted as they come when it comes to iconography. His bold imagery is as fascinating as it is compelling, because Stephen doesn't just draw striking graphics—he creates visual worlds rife with context, motifs, meaning, emotion relevant to whatever story he's set to tell. The end result is beautiful, exciting, contemporary narrative artwork that has no issue standing out from the noise.

Raised in the Arizona desert, Stephen now calls Kansas City home. He is partially blind and colorblind, adapting this into a practice that blurs the lines between painting, collage, quilt making and illustration. Stephen studied art and creative writing at the Kansas City Art Institute, and between projects he works as a Direct Support Professional at a non-profit arts studio supporting artists with developmental disabilities. His work has been shown nationally and internationally, with exhibitions spanning Chicago, New York, and Russia.

Recently, he was commissioned to create a permanent installation for the Kansas City Museum. His eyes can’t be fixed.