client: Ascot

Ascot x British Customs x Threepence —
He's A Racer

Live Action

Director-duo A Collective Us directed this campaign for Ascot in partnership with British Customs and Threepence. 

A 30 sec commercial spot, which aired in November of 2015 on NBC Sports Network during the Superprestigio of the Americas race in Las Vegas, NV.

Historic Footage Courtesy of Ascot USA.

The idea was to do a quick 30 sec spot highlighting Ascot team rider Wes Case (at Threepence) in a non traditional way. We came up with the idea of marrying old Ascot highlights to today's rider. Everything was going really well until our lead, Wes, wrecked on a practice lap, flying over his handle bars, totaling his bike and breaking his collar bone. Luckily we had picked off footage of his initial lap because as it always does, the show had to go on.

While Wes was laid up in the back of his van and eventually heading to the ER, we straightened out his handle bars, rolled his bike to the line and put his kit and helmet on a "stunt rider" to fake our way through a starting line and big finish.  It was a crazy time trying to sort out how to make everything work but in the end it turned out great and we had a really good response to the cut.

Behind the scenes