client: Free People


Free People x Moss & Meadows —
Kids on the Run

Live action + still photography

The life and love of two artists, Asher Moss & Melodi Meadows, as they leave a life in Texas to pursue a future in Los Angeles, CA.

Directors: A Collective Us



Still photography

The story was shot for Free People over the course of 3 weeks across the Southwest United States. Locations include, Cloudcroft, NM; White Sands, NM; Bisti Wilderness, NM; Lake Powell, UT; Bryce Canyon, UT; Joshua Tree, CA.

Free People was wild.  It was two weeks road doggin' with a couple Adam had never met before as they moved from Dallas to Los Angeles in an old beat up truck.  It was ultra documentary/lifestyle in its approach. Adam met them outside baggage claim in in El Paso, Tx and spent the next two weeks shooting every day in incredibly beautiful, but obscure spots throughout the south west.  Three days in he found out he was filming and basically being the sole witness to the marriage of the couple he was filming. It was wild. We picked up their marriage license in Santa Fe and two days later we were in the Bisti Wilderness, which looks like the surface of Mars with a Navajo sha-woman (a lady shaman... whatever the term is for that) marrying the couple he had only just met the week prior.  All in all, it was one of those shoots, while tiring and relentless, it was beautiful and creative and unique. We shot everyday. We shot fashion in crazy remote places with a tiny crew. Nights were spent arriving late to a 50's inspired motel (usually a potential shoot location), unpacking, laying out wardrobe, getting props ready, charging/cleaning gear and setting up for the next days set.